What is this?

What is Podnomic?

Podnomic is a podcast about online nomics, whose content is decided upon and defined by its own associated nomic. It seeks to gather news and stories from any and all online nomics, from the biggest and oldest – like the Fantasy Rules Committee, Agora Nomic, and BlogNomic – to newer, smaller and more niche games being played on private Discords and subreddits.

What is a nomic?

A nomic is a game, created by philosopher Peter Suber in 1982, in which changing the rules is an integral part of the game. In this case, content for the podcast is proposed and voted on, with each Episode featuring a summary of the current standing proposals and new changes made to the ruleset.

How do I join in?

If you want to make or vote on proposals then you just need to join us in the Podnomic discord server and introducing yourself with a short audio clip. You can sign up by clicking here. Before you do, you might want to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game; more info on that can be found here.

How do I get content about my nomic on the podcast?

Any listener may submit a piece of “Nomic News” to the Host of PodNomic, to be read out in the next episode. The ruleset has more information regarding this but the podcast welcomes content from all online nomics, no matter how large or small.